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2014 race season is just around the corner!!!!!

Text Box: Purposed 2014 Race Schedule

April 4th - Enduro
April 5th - Mud Bogs
April 18th & 19th - Races
May 9th - Enduro
May 10th - Mud Bogs
May 30th & 31st - Itturriaga NAPA Memorial Race
June 27th & 28st - Races
July 18th & 19th - Races
July 25th - Enduro
July 26th - Mud Bogs
August  2nd - Demolition Derby
August - 22nd & 23rd - Races
September 5th - Enduro
September 6th - Mud Bogs
September 19th & 20th - Silver Cup
All of this is tentative.

Voted in by board and members at last meeting:
All divers need to be checked in thru pit gate by 7:30pm on Friday races and 7:00pm on Saturday races. If not checked in by these time you will start scratch at the back of the pack in the main event and eliminated from the heat race. This will be added to the general rules.
Text Box: Track Information
The track is a paper clip shape 1/4 mile with medium banked turns. The straight-aways are long and the turns are tight. Modified drivers use a range of gears from 5.83 to 6.50 depending on your engine's torque range. It will start the night a little wet but quickly turn to dry slick and even a little dusty but it will usually stay very smooth. If there are a lot of cars through-out the night it might start taking rubber and it might not.

Some of the speeds recorded at the track
Mini Mods: 60  -  mph
Pure Stock: 55  -   64mph
Pro Stock: 70  -  80mph
Dwarfs: 65  -  75mph
IMCA: 67  -  70mph
Outlaw Sprints: 82  - 88mph
Rectangular Callout: Make sure to read the pure stock rules changes with carburetor , tires and rear ends